Women’s Day 2019 - Shaping the organisation, one dream at a time

04 March, 2019

A story of courage, passion and a lot more, every week. Watch this space to know about the women at ABG and what makes them big in our lives

This month, we bring you stories of our women employees; some who have fought all odds to make it big and some who have embraced all that life had to offer and made it big. These stories are close to our hearts as they have shaped our organisation in numerous ways. Yes, these are tales of courage, passion, hard work and determination but they are also a lot more. These are stories of people who dream big and work relentlessly towards realizing them.

Watch this space to know about the women at ABG and what makes them big in our lives.

Pooja Makasana, HindalcoPooja Makasana, Hindalco

Working in a manufacturing unit is not the same as working in the corporate office - there are a fair bit of challenges, especially for women. When I joined the Birla Copper unit, there were hardly any women on the floor. It was a phenomenal experience to break stereotypes and make a mark irrespective of the hardships. In my five years at the unit, I streamlined new employee inductions and elevated employee engagement with enhanced communication. My work received constant recognition from the leadership which kept me motivated and encouraged me to go beyond my defined goals.

I developed amazing relationships with the people at the unit and also met my life partner there. I keep myself fit and have established a set routine which helped me complete two half marathons. Practicing art forms such as classical dance and martial arts have made me a braver and more expressive person. I am content and happy with what life has to offer and own every bit of it. 

Pooja Makasana, Hindalco


Monisha Karani, Indo Gulf FertilisersMonisha Karani, Indo Gulf Fertilisers

Oxfam Trailwalker India is a team challenge organised to raise funds to fight poverty and injustice. My husband and I, along with two ladies, registered in the 100km category. No sooner we signed up as 'Team Crusaders' for the 2018 trail walk, I feared failure and questioned the rationale for putting myself through this ordeal.

My feet weren't prepared for blisters. At the end of 40km, my feet had started blistering and swelling; my two small toes developed bleeding corns. Thereafter, I struggled to wear my shoes and couldn't walk anymore. The afternoon heat had completely exhausted me, and I blacked out several times. I was tempted to quit the trail more than ever. Now was the test of my tenacity. My husband stood by me like a pillar of strength, reassuring and prodding me to complete the trail, saying it would be 'his proudest moment'. That was the last time I contemplated quitting and looked ahead with purpose. Out came my floaters. With a bit of trepidation, but a burning resolve to hit the final checkpoint, I completed the remaining 60km.

The 100km journey transformed our personalities and fostered new friendships. Personally, this was a way to prove to myself that anything is achievable. I had a good feeling that nothing would come in the way of my goal.

Monisha Karani, Indo Gulf Fertilisers


Mani Bhaskara, Vodafone-Idea LimitedMani Bhaskara, Vodafone-Idea Limited

I come from a typical orthodox, lower middle-class family where girls were not encouraged to study. While my brother had it the easy way, I had to fight for everything, from clothes to education. This motivated me to push the boundaries and achieve something for myself. I joined Idea in 2007 as an off-roll employee. However, I was regularised based on my performance and contributions to the company in just two months!

From an off-roll employee to now being a vertical head, each success and failure has taught me something new. Do not demotivate yourself, all you need is to believe in yourself. I have worked with people from different spheres of life and I believe that we shouldn’t only focus on women oriented schemes. Instead I advocate gender neutral policies where everyone gets the scope to work as per their capabilities.

Mani Bhaskara, Vodafone-Idea Limited