The simple solution to plastic pollution

06 September, 2019

Novelis highlights the sustainability advantages of aluminium cans over plastic

The simple solution to plastic pollution

At a time when single-use plastics are overflowing our landfills, and hundreds of millions of PET bottles are washing up on our shorelines, Novelis has an obligation to promote aluminium as the model of sustainable packaging for bottled water and other beverages.

Recently, aluminium water cans are catching on with environmentally conscious consumers and mainstream media. The push has come from Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa, the London Zoo and Celebrity Cruise Lines, among others.

Jason Momoa took the opportunity to highlight the sustainability advantages of aluminium cans in an online video where Momoa shaved off his trademark beard and launched a new line of canned water in coordination with Novelis' partner, Ball Corporation. In the video, which has been viewed nearly 8 million times, Momoa notes that this project is part of his effort to help save the planet. He also cites the Aluminium Association, stressing that 75 per cent of all aluminium that has ever been used is still in circulation today.

In addition, the London Zoo has collaborated with Canowater to replace their plastic water bottles with a special edition of aluminium cans. Created by fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn, each can is adorned with a shark motif and features a resealable lid.

Lastly, Celebrity Cruise Lines has recently unveiled its billion dollar, and largest cruise ship ever, Celebrity Edge, where they will switch from single-use plastic water bottles to aluminium water bottles. The Edge even goes so far as having its own recycling operation on board.

The advantages of aluminium are clear, and Novelis is committed to leveraging the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminium to help curb the plastics epidemic and shape a sustainable world together.

Here are some recommendations for how you can help us influence change:

  • Carry your own refillable, reusable aluminium water bottle wherever you go.
  • When choosing a favourite drink, choose aluminium packaging.
  • Recycle your aluminium cans at recycling stations, knowing the infinitely recyclable metal can be 100 percent reused.