PT Elegant Textile Industry (Indonesia)

PT. Elegant Textile Industry (Indonesia) is the world's largest producer of rayon spun yarn, contributing 10% of the global rayon spun yarn trade. PT. Elegant is the largest exporter of rayon and rayon-polyester spun yarn with a market share of 30% from Indonesia. About 80% of its products are exported to customers in the US, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and other locations in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Nearly half of PT. Elegant’s production caters to niche segments, such as high-quality fabrics for medical applications, car seat covers, upholstery and fancy yarn production among other uses.


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PT Elegant Textile Industry
Menara Batavia Level 16
J1.K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia