Domsjö Fabriker (Domsjö)

Domsjö Fabriker (Domsjö) is the Aditya Birla Group’s Sweden based speciality pulp and bio-refinery company. The company has a production capacity of 255,000 tonnes of dissolving cellulose, 120,000 tonnes of lignin and 14,000 tonnes of bio-ethanol, all with an origin in sustainable Swedish forestry. The bioenergy generated by the process is used internally and makes Domsjö virtually independent of fossil energy sources. Domsjö's products are mostly sold outside Sweden, and the largest markets are in Asia. Environmental concerns have been its focus for many years. It is the only company in the world to have a closed loop bleaching process with zero emissions.


    • Dissolving cellulose
    • Lignin
    • Bioethanol
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Bioresin


Domsjö Fabriker AB,
SE-891 86 Örnsköldsvik
Visiting address Hörneborgsvägen 17

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